Visions of Broadway on Broad Street 2016

New Freedom Theatre presents

Visions of Broadway on Broad Street: A History of Blacks on Broadway

   Annual Celebration of Founder’s Day


John E. Allen, Jr. and Robert E. Leslie, Sr. with Melba Moore


Visions of Broadway on Broad Street 2016: A History of Blacks on Broadway

Visions_Web postFounder’s Day is New Freedom’s homage to its co-founders John E. Allen, Jr. and Robert E. Leslie, Sr. This year’s musical theme is A History of Blacks on Broadway. The original musical, highlights the significant and exciting contributions of African Americans in the American musical tradition and in the entertainment industry as a whole.  The history is presented from the artistic and cultural roots of Africa to artistic expressions developed in slavery.  The history moves through the minstrel period, then to vaudeville, and finally to modern American musical theater.

For this original production of A History of Blacks on Broadway, students, staff, and alumni will present a show that highlights Broadway musical numbers. The performance is sure to delight audiences with its high-energy, entertaining, finger-popping, toe-tapping show numbers. A great production recommended for the entire family!

The original musical production is directed and choreographed by the Managing Director of the Performance Arts Training Program (PATP), Patricia Scott Hobbs. Joining her are the teaching staff of the PATP: the directorial/the choreographic team consists of Diane Leslie, Shawna Evans, and Khalil Munir; Musical director Latasha Morris, writer Shanna Mawavise, assisted by Gail Leslie. Also, in the role of support staff are alumni Anwar Marshall, music producer, and music coaches Holden Jones and Michael O’Bryan. All are teaching staff of New Freedom’s Performing Arts Training Program (PATP).


Click here to find out more about the Performing Arts Training Program and how you can enroll your child(ren). You could be watching them in future productions and in next year’s Visions of Broadway on Broad Street production!

NBC10 “Wednesday’s Child” Program Visits Theatre!

NBC10 “Wednesday’s Child” Program Visits Theatre!

New Freedom Theatre is proud to host Philadelphia’s NBC10 “Wednesday’s Child” program visits Theatre. The program is being taped at the Theater on TuesdayFebruary 16, 2016. Philadelphia’s NBC10 “Wednesday’s Child” program grants the wishes of children awaiting adoption.  The program is part of a public-private partnership between NBC10 and the National Adoption Center. The “Wednesday’s Child” program airs Wednesdays at 11 a.m. and repeats Saturdays and Sundays between 9:00 and 9:30 am.

Hosted by NBC10 reporter Vai Sikahema, in addition to his anchoring and sports duties, “Wednesday’s Child” is a weekly segment promoting the adoption of area children. NBC10 “Wednesday’s Child” program feature is sponsored by the National Adoption Center and the Freddie Mac Foundation. In 2011, Mr. Sikahema received a commendation from the Congressional Caucus of Adoption in Washington, D.C. for his dedication to the program.  He was also recognized in 2013, when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame of Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia.

The “Wednesday’s Child” program has expanded to Wednesday’s Child USA. It is a feature—on television, radio and/or in newspapers—that introduces a child waiting to be adopted to viewers and readers. More than 30 cities have such features. Philadelphia’s NBC10 “Wednesday’s Child,” highlights the wishes of a teen currently waiting to be adopted. The teen featured in the February 16, 2016 taping, chose to visit with New Freedom Theatre, Philadelphia. In the feature, the teen will be introduced to the different forms of training offered in the Performing Arts Training Program at New Freedom Theatre.

“As Freedom Theatre celebrates Black History Month, we are pleased to support the efforts of Mr. Sikahema and the wonderful “Wednesday’s Child” program in providing adoptive homes to children. Freedom Theatre is home for artists, the community, and audiences. Our instruction and training program brings out the creativity in all young people who come here.  Welcome “Wednesday’s Child”!

— Sandra Norris Haughton, Executive Producing Director


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Past Wednesday’s Child interviews can be seen by clicking here.  For Further information about the National Adoption Center, please visit the National Adoption Center link provided above.