New Freedom Theatre Alumni

Leslie Odom Jr
Leslie Odom, Jr.

In the Beginning…Freedom Theatre Alumni

Ever watched a show or attended a performance and wondered ‘where did that actor get their start?’

For those actors that came through the doors of Freedom Theatre well before they became ‘famous’, ‘well-known’ or ‘overnight’ sensations, their beginnings are often the grounding and spark that has helped them to push through the ups and downs of life on stage and/or screen, or in music.

Whether the screen is a computer screen (in a video), or TV screen, or the stage is the performing¬†stage, or ‘stage of life’, find out what these talented Freedom Theatre Alumni have to say about their beginnings.

“Freedom Theater was where it all began for me. Freedom is the foundation of all of my formative training and I am grateful for that every single day. I’ve built on the foundation for years and years but at that base level there is a focus on excellence, and personal responsibility, and joy, and improvisation, and fearlessness, and pride, and intellect, and humility that I learned at the Freedom Theater. I am a proud Freedom Theater actor out in the world and I hope that it shows. I walked out of the doors at Freedom a better version of myself than when I entered. Couldn’t have asked for more.” –¬†Leslie Odom, Jr.

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