Freedom Theatre Mission

Our Mission Statement

Rooted in the African American tradition, New Freedom Theatre is an institution dedicated to achieving artistic excellence in professional theatre and performing arts training for the enrichment of the community.

Artistic Vision

The Artistic Vision is one that sees Freedom Theatre recognized and respected as a world class theatre.

By “world class,” New Freedom Theatre envisions a theatre that is guided by its Mission; embraces the Core Values; strives for excellent artistic and managerial leadership; attracts and supports the best possible talent; strategically uses technologies and resources to creatively and systematically provide top-notch portfolios of artistic services; provides highest level of customer services; can effectively address each problem as it arises; and has an endowment that supports the work, the training and the development of the craft.

There are six main components required to realize this vision:

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  • A first-class repertory company which invigorates the American theatre through its excellent productions that illuminate the multifaceted African American experience and serves as a learning laboratory and a model of excellence for our performing arts training program;
  • A first-class performing arts training program which teaches performance skills, self-esteem, culture, self-discipline, intellectual and spiritual achievement and which provides a “bridge” to professional participation with the repertory company;
  • An excellently trained staff and Board of Directors who believe in the Vision and Core Values and who work collaboratively and strategically to move Freedom Theatre into the realm of artistic and managerial excellence;
  • State-of-the-art theatre facilities with appropriate dedicated rehearsal and studio space;
  • Successful hypercompetitive strategies to secure financial resources to support the vision and sustain the institution; and
  • A clearly articulated relationship with the community.
  • Core Values

Freedom Theatre’s core values are reflected in our commitment to:

Our roots in the African-American tradition; Artistic excellence; Personal development; Youth and children; Integration of life skills with performance training; Collaboration with other artists and organizations; Community-building; Integrity, honesty and responsibility; Candid, open communication, and Teamwork.

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