Freedom Justice Laughter – “The B-Girl Edition”

Celebrating Women of Color in Music and Comedy

Created by comedian, producer and filmmaker KeithFromUpDaBlock and produced by The Ruffin Vision Network in conjunction with The Legendary Freedom Theatre Freedom Justice Laughter welcomes every human being. Black, white, straight, gay, young ,old, rich, poor and everything in between. The world needs a hilarious wake up call and it’s coming to the birthplace of America, Philadelphia PA – inside the city’s oldest and most cherished African American Performing Arts Theatre!

In honor of Black History Month we will celebrate women of color in comedy & music. You may know Black HIStory, but this time it’s about HERstory! The show will feature an all female predominately African American lineup filled with new faces and legends of comedy, the community, and music. “The B-Girl Edition” will provide a much deserved platform for highly talented and motivated sisters who tell it like it is and truly believe in Freedom, Justice & Laughter! 

The Ruffin Vision Network and New Freedom Theatre

Proudly Present on February 20, 2016 @ 8pm

 “The B-Girl Edition”

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The Performers…

Katrina Braxton IMG_2551_EDIT

A born and raised Jersey Girl, Katrina Braxton has always loved making people laugh. After a dare from her father, Katrina did her first comedy open mic at the Laughing Skull Comedy Club in Atlanta. Soon after, Katrina was asked to come back to do more shows, including guest spots for headliners like Margaret Cho.

The self-described “Corny Black Girl”, Katrina keeps the crowd going with her high energy stand-up, which is a combination of life stories and hysterical impersonations. Now in Philadelphia, she continues to  travel around the nation doing comedy shows, clubs, and special events. In 2012, Katrina performed at the Essence Magazine Music Festival and for TBS Very Funny Lounge, held inside the New Orleans Super Dome. Most recently, Katrina’s comedy landed her a semi-finalist spot for the NBC Stand Up For Diversity 2014 competition.

Check out Katrina here:

Chanel Ali

Chanel is a standup comedian and writer living in New York City. Since 2013 she has performed in comedy clubs in Philadelphia, NYC and various oChanel3ther cities in the United States. Her stage presence and story-teller style make her a crowd favorite as she covers current topics, her upbringing, and
her world view.
Check out Chanel here:


Anissa Bane AKA Ms. Darkchild

Ms. Darkchild brings a passion and a vision to the game of Comedy and Hosting. She wants to revolutionize the way people view DarkChild1comedy. Ms. Darkchild began her comedy act in 1999 and added to her repertoire, hosting in 2001. Since then she has earned the title “The Princess of Comedy.” In December of 2015 Anissa “Ms. Darkchild” Bane won the Best Female Comic trophy at The Philly Hip Hop Awards.

Check out Ms. Darkchild here:


Chitta Chatta

Philly born comedian Denise Chitta Chatta Witherspoon has an honest, in your face, tell-it-like-it-is style that leaves audiences rolling with laughter. She shares stories about fighting bullies, relationships, and life. She received a “Putting In Chitta Chatta 1Work” PHHA Award and placed second at The 2015 Philly Hip Hop Awards New Comic Championship.


Check out Chitta Chatta here:




JaE The Artist

“If Lenny Kravitz & Lauryn Hill had a baby it would be like JAE THE ARTIST” – KeithFromUpDaBlock

JaE the Artist is a singer/songwriter/musician who has created a genre that she describes as “ROCK SOUL”. Well versed in electric and acoustic guitar, JaE pours her soul into her work and performance and in 2015 it did NOT go unnoticed.Jae 2

Winner of the Best R&B/Pop Artist of the Year Award at the 2015 Philly Hip Hop Awards, December 6, 2015.

JaE also walked away with Top Honors at Councilman-At Large David Oh’s PHL Live Awards Show as the 2015 PHL Live Center Stage R&B Category Award Winner. In addition to her Category Award, JaE was also named as the 2015 PHL Live Center Stage People’s Choice Award Winner.

JaE released her first solo album entitled The EVOLution of JaE in March of 2015. She is now back in the studio to complete her second solo project slated to be released by spring of 2016.

We look forward to her opening up our first “B-Girl Edition” with uplifting, relevant, and inspiring “ROCK SOUL”.


Check out Jae The Artist here:
CLICK here to watch Jae The Artist cover Lenny Kravitz’s Fly Away

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