Freedom Justice Laughter – KeithFromUpDaBlock

Wall of all WANTEDNew Freedom Theatre and KeithFromUpDaBlock Join Forces to Tickle Your Political Funny Bone and Spur Conversation!

Freedom Justice Laughter is a live event featuring diverse stand-up comedians with strong social, economic, and political viewpoints. It is a platform that uses humor to open up conversations about current events. It will feature national and local comedians with occasional spoken-word artists, performance artists, and musicians. Freedom Justice Laughter will unite all races, religions, sexual orientations etc. through humor, entertainment, and Freedom of Speech. It will be one of Philadelphia’s first outlets for social and political-based humor, visual, and performance art.

Freedom Justice Laughter is co-presented by KeithFromUpDaBlock and New Freedom Theatre on Saturday, April 23, at 9:00 pm.

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