Cast Members of HOME

Interview About HOME  with Cathy Simpson

Can I have your name and what you do?Cathy Simpson_pic
My name is Cathy Simpson. I’m an actor.

Will you give a brief description of the play Home, and your character?
Home is a story based on the Black migration of the South to the North during the Vietnam era. There are three characters in the play. One man who plays the title role Cephus Miles–[he] takes the adventure–and two women who play various other characters – men, women, and children. In the show, my character, Woman #1, also plays the love interest of Cephus Miles along with, as I stated, various other characters.

Why do you think the story of Home needs to be told?
It’s part of our heritage, part of our legacy. Any ethnic group needs to sound out their story, and this is part of our story. People need to know what we went through, how we came to be, who we are, and stories are always important because they help to determine how our history is perceived. So stories like these are important.

What is home to you?
I’ve answered this question once before, and I think the answer I gave was “mother.” My mother is home. But to expound on that, home is any place where I find love and acceptance, and where I spend the greatest amount of my daily life as I journey through this world. So, my home has been many places. Right now I consider Philadelphia my home because I have found love and acceptance, and I have become part of a community here.

Why should we be excited about Home?
First of all, you’ve got three really exciting performers. We’ve been in the theater for a long time, and we have tremendous experience. Each of us brings something unique to the story. This play has been around the globe dozens of times, but each time any play is done, the actors bring their own special input to the story. And because we are well-known actors who have paid our dues, our craft is polished, we know how to excite an audience, and we’re worth seeing.

Any closing comments or remarks?
I’m always excited about working for and with Freedom. I’m not a Philadelphian, so I didn’t grow up with Freedom like a lot of people did. But when I came to Philadelphia, Freedom was one of the first places that I touched base with. I’ve been affiliated with them in some form or fashion since 1994, and I support what Freedom does. I will continue to support and laud the theater for as long as it’s around–and I believe it’s going to be around for a long time.